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Human First

Human First

Martaş Academy is conscious of the fact that the key of success is human, supports each manager and employees with the personal and managerial development programs that they need, and identifies the areas of competency development of employees in line with the comprehensive needs analysis carried out each year. According to these development needs, it provides the inclusion of personnel in training and development programs designed in accordance with the corporate climate. Martaş Automotive aims its' employees to build stronger ties and improve themselves through continuous training. Martaş Automotive is proud of being the first in the sector with the application of Martaş Academy. The first organization of Martaş Academy was done in Bursa with Strong Communication Motto on 2018. After first Martaş Academy event in Bursa, the second event was organised with motto of "Motivation Together to Strong Future" in Ankara, Martaş Family gathered again.

The third event of Martaş Academy "From Past to Today Martaş" was held in Istanbul on March 12 - 13, 2019 with the participation of the staff coming from many cities of Anatolia. The first day of the event started with a barbecue party held in Istanbul Central Office and continued with special events held in Ataşehir Watergarden. The presentations of Ziya Özalp and Cem Baver Özalp on the 2019 vision and organizational structure were followed with an interest by the participants. While Martaş Automotive Chairman Hadi Özalp was explaining the unknown things about how the company had arrived this point from the establishment up to today with "Past to Present Martaş" speech, all participants had really emotional moments. Martaş Automotive employees who attended the bowling tournament after dinner had a fun time until the late night. The second day was continued with the Motivation and Teamwork event held at Ataşehir Sheraton Hotel. In the presentations and activities prepared by Motivation Coach Nilsen Özbarlas, the message "We are stronger together" was given. After the event, Ziya Özalp, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, made a motivational speech, he told that "As Martaş Automotive, they aim to have colleagues which ensuring the Martaş Family values, advancing with leadership vision, conducting sensitive works with the sense of social responsibility, having a high teamwork awareness and a strong professional equipment" and continued his words stating that 'Martaş Automotive 's most valuable capital is its' strong human resources, namely employees'. It is foreseen that the Martaş Academy, which made a quick start in 2018, will continue with the necessary organizations and trainings in 2019 without slowing down. Within Academy, professional support is provided to the employees with the corporate trainings and foreign language courses that continue every week. Martaş Automotive’s aim is to make all employees to ensure the company's values, focus on the customer, advance with the leadership vision, conduct sensitive work with a sense of social responsibility, and have strong team awareness and professional knowledge equipment by adopting the term 'Being from Martaş' will continue to make significant investments within this scope.