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Martaş, Renewed By Remaining Loyal To Its Roots!

Martaş, Renewed By Remaining Loyal To Its Roots!

Martaş growing within the frame of reliance, stability and quality principles from its foundation, developed its new corporate identity based on the same values, renewed by taking inspiration from its past and remaining loyal to its roots.

From its foundation in 1980 to today leading up to sectoral leadership, Martaş was built on reliance, stability and quality values. Martaş has built its logo with modern, geometric and clear line on these values which carry importance for all of its partners.

Martaş Otomotiv General Manager Ziya Özalp noted that logo was adopted in a very short period of time;

“Our goal in the process of renewing our corporate identity; is to show the loyalty of Martaş, developing continuously and investing in itself and in the sector, to its roots and to the values who makes us; us. With this goal, we hanged on to our roots, and made a study on our defining values of reliance, stability and quality Our renewed corporate identity made us and more importantly our suppliers fairly happy. This sense of ownership emerged from the first day of the launch will be our most important guide.“

Martaş carrying the inspiration it has received from the past to its new corporate identity with all respect and sincerity, positioning the letter “M” as the icon of the brand, continues its approach to all of its partners by saying “ let us be a part of you” without compromising its style of the first day.