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Spare Parts Distribution Giant Martaş is 35 Years Old!

Spare Parts Distribution Giant Martaş is 35 Years Old!

Martaş Automotive Spare Parts, meeting the spare parts requirements of a very wide geography from Turkey to Europe and Central Asia, celebrates its 35th year in the sector with its business partners from all over Turkey under the name of Auto Martashow event.

Business partners of Martaş such as Federal Mogul, Gates, Mann Filter, KYB, NGK, Rapor and Shapper Group have also supported the celebration ceremony held at the newly opened Gebze Logistics Center of Martaş Otomotiv which has been founded in a small store in Istanbul and has become one of the global players of the world automotive spare parts sector today with its slogan “We want to be a part of you”.

Martaş Otomotiv CEO Ziya Özalp, made the opening speech, thanked over thousand business partners who have attended the event and gave information about Martaş Otomotiv and Auto MartaShow organization.

Ziya Özalp stating that they want to introduce Gebze Logistics Center which was accomplished in February 2015 to the business partners under the name of “Auto MartaShow”, said “we wanted to thank you in person and to gather under the roof of our company MARTAŞ growing with your confidence and with our valuable fellow workers.” As you all know, my dear father Hadi Özalp leaves 35 years behind in the chairmanship of the Board of Directors and even more importantly MARTAŞ leaves behind the 35th year in the automotive spare parts sector.In respect of automation, technology and institutionalization in the new period; I follow our dear father who made belonging, trust and stability, the most important values of the “family” notion, the unchangeable vision of MARTAŞ. And my dear brother Baver Özalp follow his footsteps with his international vision and experience.

Ziya Özalp stated that Martaş celebrates its 35th year in the Turkey Automotive Spare Parts Industry with a magnitude of six billion dollars by protecting the family values such as stability, loyalty and reliance. He said “As Martaş, we aim to increase our investments in the sector and to continue our pioneer role by focusing on sustainability, automation and technology. As a close follower of new technology and trends, we have chosen the family values as “indispensable” at the point of institutionalization, development and growth of Martaş. In this process, we determined our organization structure with this vision and we have gathered more than 150 fellow workers working in our Gebze Logistics Center in 6 main units.”

Ziya Özalp said," We would like to thank our suppliers of over 150 national and international and our business partners who are here with us today with their support while speaking of a valuable 35 - year formation that we think is also important to you as much as it is important to us. I owe KYB Dampers, Mann Filter, Gates, Rapro, NGK, Schaeffler Group and Federal Mogul firms, their valuable executives and workers a debt of gratitude. Our valuable business partners have taken their places in the hall with a great excitement to get together with you at their stands”