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From our CEO Ziya Özalp;

“We experience the pride of saying that we are a part of you”

The journey of Martaş Automotive has begun in 1980 in İstanbul with the entrepreneurial spirit of our Beloved Father- Dear Founder – Hadi Özalp, despite the difficult conditions of the country in that period with the belief in “country and our people”.

Since the first day of our foundation, we work in Automotive Spare Parts industry with a great passion for the development of our firm and all partners with the focus of innovative product and service, our brave and pioneer entrepreneurship, with our consciousness and habit to add value to the lives that we have touched.

“Reliance, Stability and Quality” have become our unchangeable values with our team members, customers, and suppliers embracing them, as a natural reward from the vision of our valuable founder Hadi Özalp and our business manners for 40 years.

Commitment to our dear father’s principle of determination, patience, honesty, innovation, unconditional customer satisfaction, his belief in our country and his passion for his job are no doubt the biggest factor in our firm and partners becoming a “big family”…

Just like our unchanging approach that will never change when it comes to our values of “Stability, Reliance and Quality” that we are happy and proud of emphasizing, all of these disciplines that we have learned from our father Hadi Özalp will never become old and will always guide us…

To understand Martaş Automotive who provides services to 25 countries with more than 100.000 product range and more than 150.000 references is to apprehend these disciplines that emerged intrinsically. Our automotive spare parts distribution started with the limited vehicle park of the period, today ranks among the most important spare parts firms in Europe with our distribution organization reaching every point of Turkey in all passenger and light commercial vehicle groups and brands.

Martaş Otomotiv has experienced a rapid change and growth process in recent years; investments, technologic renewal and innovation, institutionalization work, new markets, brand developments… Growth opportunities are evaluated without any “excuse”. Productivity growth, strengthening the technologic infrastructure, correct use of human resources are always the first items on our agenda as the most important titles.

We are also closely following the latest trends with information technologies, and as one of the first practitioners, we are proud to pioneer for the development of our industry.

With this approach, we offer 'Automotive Spare Parts Sales-Marketing and Distribution' business with our 'VOTTO-MGA-GRAT' brands with appropriate but quality product alternatives in order to meet the expectation of our customers at the highest level.

By providing product development in both old and new vehicle models, we meet our customers' expectations with 'Stability, Reliance, and Quality' through knowledge management, innovation, and R & D studies;

And we experienced the honor and pride of saying "We are a part of you", with the confidence and motivation we receive from all our partners, and with an essential passion and responsibility every day without ever leaving the values that made us MARTAŞ.

Thank you.